15 - 24 November 2019

Due West Program Coordinator

Due West Arts Festival is looking to engage an experienced individual to work as part of an inspiring festival team to support the Executive Producers in the planning and delivery of this event.

 The Due West Program Coordinator will support the Executive Producers and Artistic Associates to engage artists for the festival that align with the vision and artistic direction of the festival. The role will particularly focus on the development of the music program and public performances components of the festival. The successful applicant would bring strong connections and experience working in this music and public events area, and an understanding of community-engaged, contemporary arts practice.

The successful applicant will be a respected, resourceful and skilled project manager and have excellent IT and data systems to manage multiple artists and tasks related to festival coordination and delivery. The successful applicant will enjoy working in a team environment and will align with FCAC’s core goals of access, leadership, diversity sustainability and innovation.

Applications close 5pm, Wednesday 6 March 2019.

2019 Due West Arts Festival

Due West Arts Festival is a ten-day multi arts local and international festival inspired by the spirit of Melbourne’s west, to be held from 15 to 24 November 2019.

Footscray Community Arts Centre and its immediate surrounds will be the hub for the 2019 Festival in addition to other distinctive indoor and outdoor locations across the neighbouring region.

Due West will feature Voice, Sound and Music as the creative dimensions sitting at the heart of the Festival, with all festival works to resonate and relate to these art forms.

Due West Arts Festival is the premier arts festival for Melbourne’s western suburbs bridging cutting-edge creative practice with rigorous community affiliated collaborative processes. Underscored by a First Nations sensibility, it is embedded in place, inspired by its people and writ large by artists working alongside remarkably diverse communities of the west. 

The Festival will create an unprecedented festival and curatorial model allowing deeper connection to multiple communities, and a more nuanced artistic vision. Balancing a rigorous mentorship process from a highly experienced team of artistic associates we will guide, listen to and enable the growth of the next generation. By tracing our past pathways, we will navigate a brighter future where we coalesce to commune, create and celebrate.

Invitation to Artists of the West

Due West Arts Festival is inviting proposals from artists and companies from Melbourne’s west to be included as part of the event. Initial consideration will be given to local works/ artists/ companies followed by and complemented with national and international artistic programming. Applications close Friday 30 November 2018.

Artistic Associates Announced

FCAC has announced seven Artistic Associates with unique creative practices to shape the artistic direction of the festival: Emma Donovan, Kath Duncan, Phuong Ngo, Sista Zai Zanda, Alec Reade, Steven Trosti and Bryce Ives. The Associates will work alongside Footscray Community Arts Centre to realise innovative art experiences that prioritise community representation – including the intersection between creativity, culture, age, sexuality, disability and gender.

About the Producer

Attracting over 70,000 people annually as audiences and visitors, Footscray Community Arts Centre is Australia’s longest–running, leading centre for community engaged, contemporary arts practice.

It is FCAC’s vision for all communities to be valued as makers of culture, where diversity, creativity and collaboration drive increased participation. FCAC is known for cultivating provocative, progressive and ambitious arts practice, actively demonstrating leadership relevant to current political, social and cultural commentary within contemporary Australian and international contexts.